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One good way to determine if your editorial content needs and my writing experience align is to examine the work I have done. So, please review my work samples by clicking on the links below.

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B2B collateral...

     >  Community Banks Must Speak Up

     >  The High Cost of Low-Bid IT Service Providers

     >  Designed for Profit

     >  Renault SCUBE

     >  Where Biomed  Fits in Healthcare


News releases...

     >  Consumer: Chateau d'Hauteville Geneva auction

     >  Technical products: "Autodiagnos AB Expands Capabilities"

     >  Real estate/consumer: "The Price is Right"

     >  Corporate announcement: "DaimlerChrysler Chooses GenRad"

     >  Technical product: "Cell Phone Test Solution"


Web SEO...

     >  Process control in the cement industry

     >  Innovative drive technology

     >  Uninterpretable power supply


Executive support...

     >  The Quick Review

     >  A World of Change

     >  BDS executive summary and launch document

     >  CEO's annual report letter to shareholders



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